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Blanaid O'neill and the love of dance

My Irish dancing story began pretty much as soon as I was born, as I was born into a family full of Irish dancers.

My best memory has to be either, winning my first worlds or, winning my fourth worlds with a perfect score. Memories that I will never ever forget.

To keep my nerves from taking over I usually try to picture no one in the room and focus on myself and my own dancing, performing in a show rather to judges and an audience.

For younger dancers I would say, first, always believe in yourself because when you do you will go so far with your dancing, second, always trust and listen to your teachers because they always know best and they are only trying to help you be the absolute best dancer you can be and, finally, have fun because when you enjoy what you do, it gives you the passion to work hard and achieve your goals ❤️

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