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Enya Higgins working towards the future

I started dancing at the age of three. My mother is a dancing teacher so I went to all her classes. I started with grades at local feises and went upwards from there. I’ve competed in majors nationally and internationally, winning many podium places and three major titles. I’ve worked my way up from 8th to 2nd in the World in the last 4 years.

Last years Worlds in Greensboro was especially memorable. I placed 2nd and my brother Fionn placed 3rd. We both achieved our goals we had worked so hard for and it’s an amazing feeling knowing all the hard work paid off! With the cancellation of this years Worlds, I’m working hard and looking forward to Worlds 2021 in Dublin. I can’t wait to be back on stage, doing what I love!

My mother, my dancing teacher Carla and my globes keep me motivated. I also set goals high enough to inspire me to work hard consistently to achieve the results I want.

In February 2018 I had a minor injury leading up to the All Irelands. Thanks to my physio Aisling, I was in the best condition possible for the day I was competing. Thankfully I danced the best that I could and was fully recovered in preparation for the Worlds.

I think the hardest thing I have found with quarantine is the fact that it all happened so fast! It was the uncertainty of the situation and not having control over what was happening. Obviously the Worlds being cancelled was upsetting but you have to move on, set new goals and start the countdown for next year! I can’t wait for competitions to resume and for things to get back to normal!

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