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featured dancer: Abbie Mai Walshe

Learn about our featured dancer Abbie Mai Walshe from the Flynn O'Kane Academy

I am constantly motivated by my teachers and the many other amazing dancers in my class and particularly in my age group. We really push each other on but always find the fun in it. What keeps me motivated more than anything is knowing that if you really put in the hard work and strive for perfection in class it will always pay off at majors and big competitions.

What I have found hardest about being quarantined is not being in dance class around my friends and teachers and not having them to push me when I dance but then I realised that being stuck at home all day is the perfect time to make myself better as a dancer. To keep myself going and to stay fit I have simply just danced.

Honestly, my goals for the future are simple: to become the best dancer I can be and to continue to improve in all areas of Irish dance. I want to always be able to feel proud of myself on stage and in class. I want to constantly push myself to work hard and if I can do all of those things then I will be happy to say that I have reached my goals. I hope that someday I will get the chance to perform in either Lord Of The Dance or Riverdance.

My advice to younger dancers is to keep pushing for that goal, keep driving yourself on and keep believing that you can do it. Having a goal makes dance easier because you know what you want to get out of it and you know that if you constantly focus on that goal and work really hard you can reach it. The most important thing to remember is to never give up no matter what!

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