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Motivation Monday with Isabelle Bitsikas

Dedication and hard work creates beautiful dancers, and Isabelle is proof of that!

We were so lucky to get the opportunity to speak to the incredible Isabelle Bitsikas from TDC (The Dance Company). We spoke all things motivation, goals and dreams during what is an extremely tough year for dancers across the globe.

Full Name: Isabelle Bitsikas

Dance School: TCD The Dance Company

Who or what keeps you motivated?

My teachers definitely have been keeping me motivated . We have now spent 5 months doing online dancing, at first I was fine and it didn’t bother me too much . In the last month it's been a bit hard as we have just learnt it will be at least another month of stage 4 restrictions.  During this time my dance school has provided hours of online lessons as well as pre recorded tutorials that we can access. My friends also are a huge influence and keep me motivated, we are all so close and I miss them so much. I love seeing them online and we are probably dancing more hours now than when we were in the studio.

What have you found hardest about being in quarantine and what have you been doing to keep yourself going?

The hardest thing about being in quarantine is missing the feeling of being in the studio with everyone. It really was my second home so its been really hard to adjust . I miss the one on one privates with my solo coach but definitely miss the feeling of dancing in a huge space with my friends. This time of year we are usually full swing into our concert routines and sadly this isn’t the case this year. Something I have found really helpful during this time to keep myself motivated is to basically try and do as much online content as I can. My school has been amazing in  providing classes by both national and international teachers.  We are learning heaps of new things and doing lots of strength and conditioning.

What are your goals for the future and what are you doing to work at them?

My goals for the future would be to continue working on my technique and being performance ready for when things do open up again. Just before lockdown I learnt a new routine that I have been working on with my solo coach and I am just about to learn another solo online so I will have lots to work on at home.

What advice do you have for other dancers who have their sights set on a goal?

My advice to other dancers who have the sights set on a goal would be not to compare yourself to anyone and just work at your own pace. We all develop and grow at different times and you just need to focus on what you want to achieve . I have spent the last few weeks really focusing on my flexibility as I always struggled with my hamstrings. It's an ongoing challenge and I find setting goals that are relevant to my own improvement are the best ways to see how far I’ve come.

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