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Motivation Monday with Mackenzie Cross

Hard work pays off, and Mackenzie is proof of that. We were so lucky to get the opportunity to speak to the incredible Mackenzie Cross from the Watt School of Irish Dance who has rose up through the ranks and up onto the podium. We spoke all things motivation, goals and dreams during what is an extremely tough year for dancers across the globe. Full Name: Mackenzie Cross

Dance School: Watt School of Irish Dancing

Who or what keeps you motivated?

Being in class with my friends and teachers! I really love a class where everyone is working super hard to achieve their goals. It helps keep me motivated but I also find it really fun. Another way I stay motivated is to look back at photos or videos of previous competitions I have done. It puts me back in a competitive mind frame and encourages me to continue to work towards the goals I have.

What have you found hardest about being in quarantine and what have you been doing to keep yourself going?

During quarantine, I have had moments of not feeling very motivated. Having my entire life turned upside down (as I’m sure everyone else can relate to) has brought up a lot of different emotions and not having a concrete idea of what the next competition year will look like has been difficult for me. Lately, I am just really finding the joy in creating new choreography with my dance teacher Aisling. I really enjoy the creative process and we are both enjoying taking this extra time (that we normally don’t have) to really develop my new dances.

What are your goals for the future and what are you doing to work at them?

My goal is always to have three equally clean and strong rounds. With Irish dance judging being subjective, I have found that creating specific technique goals rather than result goals work best for me. With this new competition season being a little uncertain right now I am working on specific technical aspects of my dancing that I would like to improve so by the time competitions are able to start I am happy with where my technique is

What advice do you have for other dancers who have their sights set on a goal?

My advice for other dancers is to work with your dance teachers! When creating a goal I am in constant contact with my dance teacher to get her opinion. We figure out what needs to be improved and create a plan together where we are both working as hard as we can to achieve this goal. I think that working together creates a really good bond between teacher and student and overall creates a better atmosphere in class. Your teachers are there to help you, so utilize them!!

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