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And when the time comes... Never miss the chance to dance.

2020 thus far has been a year of ups and downs through the eyes of most, but when it comes to Irish Dancing there is so much we can learn from the adversities that we have faced this dance season. Previously, there have been dancers filled with fear, doubt and uncertainty when it comes to competing or anxious and stressed at the thought of stepping onto the stage. Now, here we are... With no opportunity to compete and no option to perform. Do you miss the feeling when you point your toe in anticipation for your first step? The satisfaction of nailing the set dance? The feeling of achieving your goals? Or even running around with your Feis friends? Next time you're given the opportunity to compete, remember this moment. When the anxiety and stress floods back, remember the feeling of your life without it. Don't let this time be for nothing. Use it, learn from it and come back better than ever. And always remember... "Never miss the chance to dance."

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