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Rose McDowell and her road to success.

I was born in Dublin and my Sister Grace started Irish dancing in primary school, so when we moved to the UK my Mum wanted her to continue so found a local dance school and as she puts it, threw me into the class with her! Haha! I was 5 years old and after my first class my teacher came out to my Mum and said I had learnt my reel in one lesson! It just felt so natural to me and I loved it.

I participated in local feis and then started winning! My Mum then took me all over the UK and Scotland and to our surprise I started winning those too! I placed on the podium at the All Scotland’s and that’s when everyone started telling me that I’d be a World Champion one day, I was happy people thought that but wasn’t sure if that would ever happen! Then came a really important competition (and a huge shock!)

when I won the Gates of Derry Feis in U9 girls.

I had always watched the previous parades of champions and thought they were the best dancers I had ever seen and I wished I could be in it. My wish came true! It was the hardest competition I had ever entered, everyone was so good. Only after that feis I started to think that maybe Im quite good at this. I’ve entered many more competitions since then and have had some great results (and some not so great!) winning the Scottish Nationals and winning/placing on the podium at majors.

Apart from coming 4th in the world, which was amazing and being presented with a much longed for globe 😊the one competition that will always be so special to me was winning the NANs in Florida U11A girls. I had a very tough draw and did not expect to win so when I did it was a complete shock and the happiest day ever. I also won the Great Britain’s soon after that, so it was an incredible year for me. 😱🙃 One I will never forget.

Recently I was chosen to be a FeisApp ambassador which I’m very proud to be. I’m now working hard and looking forward to the future. I can’t wait to be back on the

stage. ❤

My teachers are always there for me and are great motivators, especially at competitions,

so I like spending time with them as they keep me calm and give me confidence. My Mum keeps me motivated and focussed at home. She is also the most competitive person in the world! so always encourages me to give 110% to everything I do. She is also very honest with her feedback, good and BAD!...I’m sure that’s a Mum thing... 😂❤

The hardest thing I’ve had to overcome would be my shyness. When I was a baby I used to curl up into a ball if a stranger spoke to me. 😂 I wouldn’t talk to many people, I even found it hard talking to my dance teachers who I saw all the time! When I first started dancing, my family were amazed that I actually got up and performed. They said I became a different person on stage and they’re right, dancing is my happy place. 🥰 Luckily I’m not as shy now!

I have quite enjoyed being in lockdown. Apart from missing my dance classes, dancing & school friends, I’ve loved being at home with my family. 🥰I’ve loved going on bike rides, baking for my neighbours, planting flowers, clapping for the NHS and even being home schooled! Im also enjoying my Zoom dance classes as they’re something to look forward to and a lot of fun but Im REALLY missing being in the studio with my teacher and friends and I can’t wait to get my new dress on and start competing again! ❤🌹

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